The Noble Group is an international company that is focused on the development of marble and granite quarries in Pakistan.

To respond to the insatiable demand in the local and international marketplace, Noble has a primary focus of producing white marble and pure black granite. In addition, Noble has begun development of white, blue diamond and red granite quarries.



Himalayan White is named for its quarry location within the Himalaya Mountain Range and the result of several years of exploration and development. The material is fine grained and has a calcite count exceeding 95 percent.


Noble’s black granite quarry is vast and comprises some of the richest pure black granite in the world. Absolute Black Granite is one of the most popular stones used in every country and is perfect for all surfaces because of its beauty and durability.


Blue Diamond Granite is named for its light blue highlights and diamond sparkle. Blue Diamond Granite is an original color only found in Cosmopolitan’s quarry. Blue Diamond is exceptional for commercial use, particularly building cladding, as well as all residential uses including countertops, vanities and flooring.


Ruby Red Granite is a classic material which is always in style. It is ideal for building cladding as well as bathroom and kitchen flooring and countertops. Ruby Red is exceptionally durable.


Absolute White Granite quarry produces some of the finest white granite in the world. White granite is one of the most important stones as it is used extensively on large commercial surfaces like airports, office buildings and shopping centres.


Onyx is one of the most exquisite natural stones. Onyx is very delicate but can be used for any surface if processed and installed well. However, onyx is best suited on surfaces where it can be illuminated due to its translucent nature.


Pakistan has some of the finest natural stone in the world. Known internationally primarily only for its famous green onyx, Pakistan has some of the largest marble and granite reserves in the world, estimated at 1.3 trillion tons (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) 2010). However, because of lack of infrastructure, management, expertise and technology, the natural stone industry in Pakistan is largely undeveloped. Recognizing an unprecedented opportunity to lead the marble and granite industry in Pakistan, the Noble Group has taken advantage of recent infrastructure enhancements and assembled a world class international management team.


Following the model employed in countries like India, China, Egypt and Turkey that have had rapid growth in the nature stone industry over the past 20 years, Noble has a built a deep international management team comprising financial, operations, and granite and marble mining experts from the UK, Canada, Egypt and Italy.